Large Fractal Radiance Quilt

I finished this quilt top back in September to test the large Fractal Radiance pattern. I would say the most time consuming part was choosing the fabrics. This was a last minute test, so I didn’t have time to purchase fabric and I didn’t really want to spend money on new fabric. It forced me to use what I had in my stash (a lot of green and yellow solids), which also led to a more unexpected color combination – at least for me. I had to piece a few of the triangles (you’ll notice it in the upper right red triangle) due to fabric that wasn’t quite big enough, but I think it actually worked for this particular quilt pattern. I also incorporated some small prints that almost read as solids – and I think it worked well!

Four months later I finally got around to quilting and finishing the quilt. I have been doing so much geometric/straight quilting, I really wanted to get away from that, so I just did an overall scallop pattern inspired by an old quilt passed down in Jesse’s family. Since the colors are more playful, I think having the contrast between the piecing and quilting works. I also added a normal binding, instead of the facing finish I used on the small fractal. I’m not quite sure where this quilt will end up, but I’m also not ready to give it away either. If anything, it should be a decent size for a lap quilt. Want to make one of your own? Purchase the pattern here!