Fabric Mini Postbox & Tutorial

This fabric mini postbox is the perfect place to deliver tiny notes (or Spin Pizza gift cards - yum!) throughout the year. Hang it from the doorknob to a bedroom, or in a special place for someone you love.

There are lots of ways to create a fiber version of the mini postbox. You could use felt, or use a fabric marker/pen to draw the details. I decided to “draw” my linework with quilting and to use cotton fabric. There is a layer of batting and backing fabric to make it cushy and give it some texture. I also cut out pieces from a second, lighter fabric to add dimension, though you could leave this part out to keep it simple. 

1. Download and print out template
2. Cut out a rectangle of fabric, slightly larger than your template. 
3. Depending on the material you use or how dark it is will determine how you transfer the template to your fabric. I used a light box (you could also hold it up to a window on a sunny day), and positioned the template under the fabric, which allowed the linework to show through the fabric. I used a water-soluble pen to trace the design onto the fabric. I also used a second, lighter fabric for pieces of the design. I used fusible web for this – laying the fusible web on top of the template to trace it, and than ironing onto the lighter fabric. Cut out each piece, peel away the paper, lay it into position on the top of your main fabric, and than carefully iron it into place. 
4. Place a piece of batting and backing behind your fabric. Using the linework you drew with the water-soluble pen as reference, quilt the design onto your fabric (free motion quilting works best). 
5. On the back of the quilted piece, carefully cut out the batting and backing of the mail slot, being sure not to cut into your front/main fabric. Cut as close to your quilting, without cutting any stitches. Sharp, small tipped scissors work best. Turn to the front, and cut fabric as shown in photo. 
6. Hot glue the fabric to the back, as shown in the photo. You now have a mail slot! 
7. Cut out your post box front (1/4” seam allowance is included in the template). 
8. Choose a backing for you postbox, and cut two rectangular pieces, with WRONG sides together. 
9. Choose a ribbon or string. I used bakers twine and cut to 9”. If using bakers twine, tie knots at each end for durability. 
10. Lay your post box front, right side down, onto your post box back, sandwiching your ribbon between the layers.. Stitch a quarter inch seam around your post box, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning inside out. 
11. Trim down backing, trim corners, and make clips in the curve at the top. Turn inside out and hand stitch closed. Write the recipient's name on the banner with a fabric pen/marker.
12. Hang somewhere special and place your little notes into the slot! If you don’t want your notes sliding down, squish up a little piece of fabric and place in the bottom of the postbox.