Deco Rush - Japanese "tape"

A co-worker told me about this awesome product from Japan and I immediately had to purchase one for myself. It’s similar to white out tape, but it has cute little illustrations on it instead. While it’s called tape, it’s not really like tape. It sticks to the paper, almost invisibly, but it can’t adhere something together like tape would. Best for decorating notes, envelopes and mail – any paper product really! The only problem I’ve had so far is the tape occasionally breaking apart. Applying even pressure usually fixes the problem though.

I bought a set that includes the tool, and three cartridges. They are really easy to change out, so you can purchase several different illustrated tapes. This set has clouds, airplanes and zephyrs, and hot air balloons. I also bought a cartridge that has colorful sloths wearing party hats!