Movie Foodie: Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice was a really fun Movie Foodie to plan. I will say, there weren’t many foodie references in this movie, but I was so excited to plan the party aspect of the event. Me and Jesse had dressed up as the Maitlands several years ago, so I already had some props I could use for the party, like the “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” book.    

The menu: Shrimp cocktail – the only food item taken directly from the movie, the famous Day-O dinner party scene; Shoo-fly Pie – there’s a scene where Beetlejuice eats a fly, so this represented that; Minute Maid orange juice – where Beetlejuice is trying to get Lydia Deetz to say his name; “eyeballs” – the Maitlands seemed to use eyeballs a lot when doing their “scare faces”, eyeballs popping out, and putting eyeballs on fingers; and Sandworm breadsticks – representing the sandworm that likes to eat dead people.

One of my favorite things about Movie Foodie is trying new things, and Shoo-fly Pie is now one of my favorites! I have decided it should be the official Thanksgiving or Holiday pie, due to its ingredients of molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. It was sooo good (and awesome with vanilla ice cream too) and not too sweet or rich, which I really appreciated! You can find the recipe here.

I also made a mini version of one of Delia Deetz’s sculptures. I will do another post where I explain how I made this, and the Sandworm breadsticks – in case there is someone else out there who is also interested. I’m thinking there will be, as I saw lots of inspiration out there, including a Beetlejuice themed wedding! I also saw lots of ladies dressing up as sexy Beetlejuices, which I just don’t understand.    

As an added bonus, I had Jesse agree to dress up as Beetlejuice - he was a really good sport about it:) He already had the costume from two previous Halloween parties, one when we went as the Maitlands, and the other as Beetlejuice (there’s a scene where Beetlejuice appears in the same outfit as Adam Maitland). It was a really fun surprise for most people, and I had my camera set up so everyone could take their photo with him - they seemed to have lots of fun with it!