Colorado Quilt Pattern & AQS Show!!

After almost a year, I have finally completed a pattern for Welcome to Colorful Colorado! There was a huge learning curve for me in making this pattern, and I made some mistakes along the way, but now it is complete!

I have chosen to start simple, and am selling this pattern on Craftsy. This is nice for a couple reasons; one, they are a great company that provides a great place to sell patterns; and two, they are based out of Denver, Colorado! It only seemed fitting that I would sell this pattern through a Colorado based company. I may also eventually sell it on Etsy, but I want to start small, and this seemed the best way to do it:) If you are interested in making Colorado quilt for yourself, check out the pattern here!

Welcome to Colorful Colorado was named Honorable Mention in the Modern Wall Quilt category at the Des Moines AQS quilt show at the beginning of October! This was my first time in a juried quilt show, so I was very excited that Colorado quilt was chosen to participate. It was also my first time visiting a large quilt show. I was able to go with my mom (who has been to MANY quilt shows before) and we had a lot of fun walking around the show, looking at quilts, and checking out vendor booths. I forgot to take photos at the show, but here's one of Colorado quilt and it's ribbon!