Movie Foodie: 13 Going on 30

I had the first Movie Foodie of the year a few weekends ago. 13 Going on 30 seemed like an appropriate film for my 30th year. 13 Going on 30 is such a cute movie, Jennifer Garner is adorable in it and Mark Ruffalo plays the perfect guy you love to love.

I chose Razzles as the key food item, and wrapped them up as favors (along with some "wishing dust" sprinkled inside) for the guests. Other food items included a veggie tray and “pigs in a blanket” from the birthday party scene, and strawberry chocolate chip pancakes from Jenna’s visit to see her parents. Piña coladas were the drink (my first time making real ones, they are easy too! I couldn't find the cream of coconut at the grocery store, but found it at a liquor store) and guests could keep them “virgin”, or make them “not virgin”.

For décor, I bought some silver fringe and used the laser machine at work to cut out the quote “30, flirty & thriving”. Also, I made it pajama party themed, a perfect excuse to wear pjs while watching a movie!

There are a few ways I choose what movies are best for Movie Foodie night. First, it’s a girl’s night, so I don’t have to worry about pleasing the dudes. Romantic comedies are totally acceptable. Secondly, the movie can’t be too serious – which means nothing that will make me, or others cry. The ending of Big Fish makes me cry every time (I only watch this one by myself, I prefer to cry alone so I can really enjoy it). As much as I love Big Fish, it won’t be Movie Foodie night. Third (which should probably be the first) - does food play a role in the movie? I wouldn’t call any of the movies I have shown, “foodie” movies, but either the food is a part of the plot, or becomes a prop between characters. But, some movies are just fun to throw a party for. My next Movie Foodie in October is Beetlejuice. I have no idea what the menu will be, but I’m so excited to decorate for it!