Our somewhat more organized entryway

The first thing we added to the entryway were colored hexagons onto the narrow window next to the door. I found this product (Hex6agon Vinyl) on Kickstarter and purchased it by becoming a backer. It was a lot of fun to figure out how we would arrange it, and how different colors would appear when overlapping. I think Jesse was hoping for something a little more opaque so people couldn’t see through the window, but I don’t really mind. It’s really neat to see the different patterns made when the light comes through the window.

I purchased the shelf during Hammerpress’ studio sale. It was already the gray color, and I painted a few of the sides the aqua color. Since it was going to hold shoes, I was fine with it looking a little rough, so I didn’t bother sanding or refinishing it. 

I had a small piece (1/4 yrd I think) of the hexagon fabric (Daisy Chain from Kokka Fabrics), which happened to be just enough to create the cushion for the top, and went along well with the hexes already on the window. It’s layered with plywood, foam (that thick green stuff from JoAnn’s), some batting and wrapped with the fabric. I stapled it on the bottom to hold it all in place.

I love the new additions to our entry. It doesn’t help keep us organized necessarily (there are usually shoes laying out despite the cubby space) but at least it looks a little cuter!