This past February I was able to go out to LA and visit my long time friend Jessie. We have been friends for our entire life, yes, all 29 years! We went to the same daycare as small children, and shared many classes over the course of twelve grades at the same school. Somehow we even made it through 4 years of French together, we’re still not sure how that happened! And please, don’t ask us to parler francais:)

I had such an amazing time. Jessie was kind enough to drive me around the town, which if you’ve ever been to LA, is no small feat. Some of my favorite things were Melrose Trading Post, touring Paramount Pictures (and the sets of Glee!) and watching the entire first season of American Horror Story together. If Netflix had been around while we were in high school, it is highly likely we would have done this!

We visited the shop Poketo, which I had seen online and knew I had to visit. The shop was amazing, just as I expected and the neighborhood was really cute too – an up-and-coming area with fun graffiti and a few other shops and restaurants. It seemed like an area straight out of the show New Girl, and I was right! The exterior shots of their apartment building is located just blocks away from Poketo. If you’re in LA, you should definitely venture to this part of town!