The Quilting, continued...

I decided to go with free motion quilting on this quilt. I haven't done much of this, and it definitely takes some practice to feel really comfortable AND get good results. I have a Bernina sewing machine, and I have the #9 foot, which I used for this technique. It's different from other feet in that it doesn't sit on the fabric, and it also doesn't guide the fabric. You put the feed dogs down on your machine, and this allows you to have full control over moving the quilt around. This allows for more freedom, but also means that you have to have control over your movements! You control the speed, which means you control stitch length.

I didn't really have a plan when I started quilting. I was thinking swirls that would resemble a flower. As I was going, I started adding the scallop/petals. I love the way it turned out - and gave up on thinking it has to be perfect.

In many ways I felt this technique was much quicker than stitching in the ditch, or straight line stitching. It allows for more creative expression, and allows for the quilting to become a design as well that compliments the piecing.