Abigail's Apron

I made this apron and oven mitt for my niece Abigail, for Christmas. Of course when she opened it, she barely would put it on for a photo, but I like to think she'll appreciate it one day! Hopefully before she can't fit in it anymore. Though, I was able to fit my hand in the oven mitt - so maybe she'll be using it 20 years from now!

I used the pattern posted above ($1 sale at JoAnn's!) with some minor tweaks. I was somewhat limited on the amount of fabric I had, so the top ruffles were eliminated. Lesson to learn, buy fabrics with intent! It's hard matching random 1/2 yards and fat quarters of fabric together.

I also lined the oven mitt, so all the seams weren't exposed. To add a finishing touch, I added the pink ribbon to both the apron and mitt. Now, if only I can get around to making myself a full sized apron!